The Best Choice In Digital Currency

I0coin has the best combination of transaction speed and security. 90 second confirmations make for quick transactions, so you can get on with your life.

Network mining power ranked in the top 5% means your coins are super secure, for your peace of mind.

I "zero" coin. Zero premine. Zero inflation by 2018. Zero gimmicks. I0coin doesn't play games with your money.

Truly Borderless Transactions
I0coin is an international digital currency available anywhere on the planet. You just need internet access to use it. It's as easy to send money to the coffee shop next door or a relative in a far away land.

A Veteran Digital Currency
First released in August 2011, I0coin came before most other cryptocurrencies. It has a proven track record and is here to stay. Many newer cryptocurrencies are no longer supported.

Stable Service
Minimal footprint and reduced memory requirements provide a stable wallet and mining platform. Continuous updates mean you will always have the latest improvements in service and security.

Fully Decentralized
Decentralization means there are no single points of failure, so you have minimal hiccups or service disruptions. The I0coin network is always ready for business… or fun, 24/7.

Ultra Low Inflation
With over 99% of its 21 million coins already in circulation, I0coin has one of the lowest inflation rates of any digital currency. Inflation will reach zero out to two decimal places by 2018.

Block Chain Pruning
Pruning allows users to set the size of the block chain stored locally, which frees up disk space for other uses. Thin clients also allow for minimal web hosting costs for sites using I0coin.

I0coin's specifications were chosen to provide the optimal balance across a broad spectrum of users. It's well balanced whether you're making a purchase, mining, or investing. The wallet requires only 425 MB of memory (fully synced). Its quick 90 second transaction confirmations make it excellent for making purchases, without being so fast as to sacrifice security. I0coin can be mined essentially for free since it is merge mined with Bitcoin. The maximum number of coins is permanently capped at 21 million, so you never need to worry about inflation devaluing your coins. This makes I0coin a great long term investment. Many other top coins, on the other hand, have unlimited coin supplies.



Download the latest wallet and start using I0coin today.

For the latest addnode list for your i0coin.conf file go to cyrptoID (click on 'node list' on the network tab).
These are useful if you have syncing problems with your wallet if it's not connecting to other nodes.

I0coin Blockchain

I0coin has a large blockchain which may take days to download in its entirety using the wallet. At the links below you may download a recent blockchain to speed your wallet setup. Clear the i0coin data folder, then unzip the downloaded files to that location. These blockchains may be used with wallet versions 0.11.9 or later. The pruned blockchain requires the line "prune=550" to be added to the i0coin.conf file. Adding this line keeps only the last 550 MB of the blockchain. The pruned blockchain is great for users with space restrictions, even those who are mining. The full blockchain is best for users who want to maximize their support of the i0coin network. Some nodes with full blockchains are essential for a healthy network, so please choose this option when possible.

Links and Info

Launched: August 15, 2011
SHA-256 Algorithm
21 million total coins
Re-target every 120 blocks (3 hours)
90 second block times (1.5 mins)
Merge mined with Bitcoin

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Recent News

January 22, 2018 - Latest I0coin Blockchain Available For Download
Go to the Downloads section of this website to find the latest I0coin blockchain. Downloading it here will take a few hours compared to days using the I0coin wallet.

July 9, 2016 - I0coin Version Released
I0coin version has been released. This corresponds closely to Bitcoin 0.12.0. It is a minor upgrade from I0coin version 0.12.0, with no functional changes, only text message changes. It updates any reference to 'Bitcoin' with 'I0coin'. For anyone who doesn't like those 'Bitcoin' output messages this upgrade is for you. Since I0coin, and essentially all the Bitcoin merge mined coins, use Bitcoin code as their underlying baseline (for mining compatibility reasons) we occasionally have straggler 'Bitcoin' references in our updates. This will clean those up. Enjoy!

April 29, 2016 - I0coin Version 0.12.0 Released
I0coin version 0.12.0 has been released. This corresponds closely to Bitcoin 0.12.0. It brings I0coin up to the latest feature set as well as ensuring continued optimal security for its users. As a reminder, all miners must upgrade to 0.11.9 or 0.12.0 due to incompatibilities with older versions.

November 15, 2015 - I0coin Version 0.11.9 Released
I0coin version 0.11.9 has been released. This corresponds closely to Bitcoin 0.11.1. All miners must upgrade due to incompatibilities with the older versions. This release fixed the openssl security issue that impacted most cryptocurrencies. It also reduced the size of the block chain to about half of the previous version, without any loss of transaction data. On top of that it introduced block chain pruning. Pruning allows users to set the size of the block chain on their local device to as low as 550 MB, by retaining only the latest blocks. This is especially important for anyone running i0coin on a smaller device like a tablet or phone. It also allows “thin clients” to be run on web hosts for vendors, exchanges, and information sites which do not need access to the whole block chain.

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